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March 15th:  End of Days

Today we have another devotional from Taryn Flake. She makes reference to feeling like Jesus is at the Mount of Olives a lot. In fact, he is there three times leading up to his death and resurrection. He is also at the Mount of Olives for his ascension. There is also some deeper symbolism between Jesus' kingship and the kingship of David.

This is a perspective looking at the Mount of Olives. The last picture of the Mount of Olives was taken farther to the right closer to where the Ascension of Jesus took place. But in this picture we can see the Church of the Nations and the Dominus Flevit the place where Jesus wept for Jerusalem. As Taryn pointed out, a lot happens on the Mount of Olives.

Scripture: Mark 13:1-23

End of Days

Well we’re back at the Mount of Olives. (I feel like I just wrote about being there, but apparently Jesus came there a lot during His last week in Jerusalem.) I told Pastor Curtis that I had randomly picked this passage (I tried to stagger about every 3 days to give him a break from writing devotions) and he said that he was probably more qualified to write about the end of times than I was. But have no fear, because there is more coming tomorrow!

“Do you see all these great buildings?…Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down” (Mark 13:2). This verse states the impermanence of our life on earth. When you think about the things that we put our security in on a daily basis—our houses, electricity, cars, food, water, etc.—all of those things are impermanent. COVID gave us a preview of food shortages (and toilet paper shortages). When the power flickers off, we wonder how we’re going to cook our next meal. (Peanut butter and jelly for everyone!) Everything in our life is impermanent. The only thing that is permanent is God. This is what Jesus was trying to convey to the disciples in this verse.

How many of you read through this passage and go, “Oh yeah, we’re already there as a society”? When I read “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pain” (Mark 13:8), I think we are definitely there. But was there ever a time without earthquakes? Was there ever a time without war?

In other ways, in this passage, Jesus is preparing His disciples for the coming change with His death and resurrection. It is bringing judgment day to the present day with His death and God’s kingdom is coming to earth through His resurrection. The point of the passage is to be ready. None of us know what day we are going to die. We might get a clue from a doctor through a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, but that might be the closest we come to predicting our own death. As a fairly young person, speculating how long you live is difficult to determine at this age—I might die tomorrow, or I might die 60 years from now. Instead of waiting 60 years to get right with God, the time is now. And how powerful would God’s kingdom be on earth if we all lived and served like today was our last day!



  1. How do you put your hope and trust in impermanent things? How can you shift your hope and trust towards God?

  2. Are you prepared to die if today is your last day on earth? How do you live like today is your last day on earth without acting morbid?



Dear God, Thank You for Your Son Jesus, who ushered in the new covenant through His death and resurrection. Allow me to put my full hope and trust in You. Allow me to see when I don’t do this on a daily basis. Please let me understand the impermanence of this life and I look forward to living in Heaven with You at the end of my life on earth. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


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