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September 29, 2023: Finding Hope in the Storm

Daily Scripture Reading: Acts 27:1-44

Finding Hope in the Storm

In Acts 27, we find the apostle Paul on a perilous journey, sailing towards Rome as a prisoner. The voyage is fraught with challenges, including a violent storm that threatens to destroy the ship and everyone on board. Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, we discover profound lessons about faith, perseverance, and the unwavering presence of God in our own storms of life.

Just as the ship in this story was battered by fierce winds and crashing waves, we too face storms that threaten to overwhelm us—illness, financial struggles, broken relationships, or the weight of our own mistakes, and the list could go on. In these moments, it's easy to lose hope and give in to despair.

However, like Paul, we are reminded that God is with us, even in the darkest of times. The Lord sent an angel to assure Paul that not a single life would be lost because God had a plan for him. This message of hope sustained Paul, giving him the strength to encourage those around him. This might be the most powerful part of the story. Well maybe second most powerful. First, God is with us. Second, sharing that hope of God with those who also need it. Paul cared for those with him. Paul even urged them to eat. In urging them to eat we are reminded about Communion. In the breaking of bread we are reminded once again of God’s presence with us and our commonality of needing both real sustenance and the bread of life. Not to mention, the forgiveness of sins and the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.

In our storms, we can find hope by clinging to the promises of God. We may not always see a way out, but we can trust that God is in control and will guide us through the tempest. As we look to Him, we can echo Paul's words: "I believe God; it will be just as He said" (Acts 27:25).


1: What storms are or have worked on overwhelming your life?

2: Where or when has God silenced those storms with hope? Maybe the storm wasn’t silenced but you understood God’s presence.

3: Have you shared that hope with anyone else? Why or why not? Maybe today is the day to share that hope.


Heavenly Father, in the midst of life's storms, we turn to You for hope and strength. Just as You were with Paul on that treacherous voyage, we believe that You are with us in every trial we face. Help us to trust in Your promises and to find peace in Your presence. Lord, calm the storms in our lives, and if it is Your will, guide us safely to the shore. Remind us not to hide our hope under a bushel basket but to let it shine on a lamp stand for those around us. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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