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December 4, 2023: Prophesy

Daily Scripture Reading: Micah 5:2-4


This isn’t the first passage of scripture we have read this season that shares of a prophetic hope. Hope is powerful. So often we get bogged down with everything that seems to be wrong. I don’t have the right last name, I am from the wrong town, I am too short, too clumsy, not good enough. The language of our negative self-talk goes on and on. It also doesn’t help that others may add to it or at least agree with us.

I often find it interesting to drive through small towns that proudly display the famous people from there. I may even take the dive down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and see what notable people have been from a given town. Tex Williams, Burl Ives, John Malkovich, Gretchen Wilson and Drew Baldridge all from smaller towns in Illinois.

Almost a year ago, the revival happened at Asbury University. It caught the attention of most of the area, if not the nation and possibly the world. And as I looked on, many people began to venture toward the campus and others spent time complaining that it wasn’t happening where they were. All I could think was, “Why not here?” This is part of the joy and hope of prophecy. Why not here? Why is Bethlehem or Vandalia too small? Why is Bethlehem or Vandalia not good enough?

Truly, where we are from isn’t the most interesting thing about us anyway. Isn’t this part of the joy and the hope of a newborn baby? Some would argue about genetics, nature, nurture, and opportunities. But in that moment of new birth the sky is the limit with opportunity. At what point do we run out of the endless possibilities? I know it might happen with regards to our earthly potential. But the good news is that this story of Jesus opens us up to a grand world of possibilities.


Where have you limited yourself or other because of where you are from?

When have you been surprised by someone’s success?

What barriers do you need hope to overcome?


Our heavenly Father, sometimes the world seems dark and at times maybe we add to the darkness. Bring your hope to light the way. There is joy and hope from the village Jesus came from. There is joy and hope in the earthly parents Jesus had. And there is definitely joy in hope in sharing the Heavenly Father that we have in You. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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