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Sept 6, 2023: “Embracing Humility and Obedience”

Daily Reading: Acts 9:1-31

“Embracing Humility and Obedience”

Acts 9:1-31 provides a powerful lesson in humility and obedience through the transformation of Saul into the Apostle Paul. This passage offers a significant life application for Christians today. Without Ananias trusting God, having humility and being obedient, would you be reading this today?

Ananias, a devout Christian, demonstrated remarkable humility and obedience when God called him to minister to Saul, a man known for persecuting Christians. Despite his initial fear and reservations, Ananias trusted God's guidance and went to Saul, laying hands on him to restore his sight. This act of obedience not only helped Saul but also played a pivotal role in the early church's growth.

We are called to embrace humility and obedience in our walk with God. This means being open to God's guidance even when it leads us out of our comfort zones. Like Ananias, we may encounter situations where God calls us to minister to unlikely individuals or engage in acts of kindness and forgiveness that require humility.

When we humbly obey God's prompting, we become instruments of this transformative power. Just as Ananias played a vital role in Saul's conversion, our acts of humility and obedience can impact the lives of others, leading them to Christ in their lives.


Almighty God, Teach us the valuable lessons of humility and obedience from the story of Ananias and Saul. Help us to trust in your guidance, even when it challenges us. Grant us the humility to serve others, share your love, and be obedient to your call in our lives. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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