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September 25, 2023: The Power of Love

Daily Scripture Reading: Acts 22:30-23:35

The Power of Love

What did Paul do to get this kind of attention? Paul gets arrested and they can’t hold him. Paul gets questioned after getting hit in the face by religious leader and they can’t agree that he has done anything wrong. A group gets together and takes an oath not to eat until Paul is killed. At which point an armed detail ships Paul off to be someone else’s problem. As far as I can tell, Paul loved people the way that Jesus loved people.

Paul had the love of Christ with him. That is what he did. He called people to love God, repent of their ways, and have faith in Jesus. It sounds like a good thing to do. It also seems easy. But what did it really mean? It meant the way things had been done was changing. It meant that both Jew and Gentile were welcome. It meant both rich and poor were expected. It meant that church was going to look different. It meant that everyone, not just some people, were potentially a brother and sister in Christ. And it still means this.

Paul loved others by sharing his testimony. Paul did this by sharing his story. Paul pointed out to religious leaders that, he too, once hated Jesus. That changed once he met Jesus. Once he met Jesus, the hope and love changed him and began to change those around him.


  1. How have you let the hope of Jesus change you?

  2. How have you accepted everyone regardless of their past, present or future to be a part of God’s family?

  3. Do you treat your neighbor and yourself like they belong to God’s family?

Daily Prayer:

Our Heavenly Father, open us to your love and your truth. Make our church look like how you want it, not how we want it. Open us up to your will and your ways by spreading your hope and love through our story and testimony. Let our testimony show where you are at work in our lives. In the power of Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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