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August 31, 2023: Power

Daily Reading: Acts 4:1-37


In the church and often in society, power is thought of as a bad thing. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can’t quite articulate what bad power is versus good power, but we see some good power in today’s Scripture.

There is power in numbers. Peter and John are treated a little differently because by this time they have over 5,000 men that believe the good news of Jesus Christ. Plus, the reason they were arrested was for healing a man that is now standing with them. It is hard to argue with even though this Jesus movement was counter-cultural to all the rules the religious leaders lived by.

There is power in the Holy Spirit. Verse 13 shares that the leaders were amazed by the boldness and conviction of Peter and John. The words coming from Peter were not Peter’s words, but he was speaking on behalf of the Holy Spirit.

There is power in Jesus’ name. Using Jesus’ name was what got them in trouble, but it is also what made them successful. Would the crippled man have been healed without Jesus’ name? No. Would they have been arrested without the name of Jesus? Probably not. Would there have been worship after the release of Peter and John without the name of Jesus? No.

Jesus truly is the cornerstone. Jesus is the good news. It is through Jesus’ name and the power of the Holy Spirit that we can worship and have something to worship.

I try to think of this idea of boldness. As a pastor, would I have anything to say without the boldness of the Holy Spirit? I’m not sure that I would. And if I did, I am not sure it would have any conviction.

We can’t miss the end of chapter 4 either. Once again unity and fellowship take center stage. Those that believe are sharing life together by lifting one another up and growing in relationships.


1. In what area of life is the Holy Spirit making you bold?

2. Where is Jesus giving you power?

Daily Prayer:

“Lord, help us understand the power in the name of Jesus. Bestow upon us the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can share the Gospel with boldness. Give us the wisdom to be in community with believers so that we can feel your support. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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