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December 17th: The Humble Arrival

Daily Scripture Reading: Luke 2:1-7

The Humble Arrival

Every now and then I read a piece of scripture that I am supposed to write a devotional on and I think there is no point. This isn’t out of laziness or lack of things to say, usually. It is because sometimes the scripture wholeheartedly speaks for itself.  Today is one of those pieces of scripture. But I realized that it might only be that way for me.  So I will try to walk you through the mental rabbit chase in my head.

The biblical account of Jesus' birth in Luke 2:1-7 paints a profound picture of humility and God's meticulous orchestration of events. Mary and Joseph, obedient to Caesar's decree, traveled to Bethlehem, a journey ordained by God to fulfill ancient prophecies.

Jesus entered the world in the humblest of settings—a stable, with a manger as His cradle. The Savior of humanity, the King of Kings, was born not in a palace, but in obscurity, wrapped in swaddling clothes. This was not a random occurrence, but a deliberate choice by God to emphasize the humility of Christ's mission.

In our lives, we often seek grandeur and significance, striving for recognition and success. However, the story of Jesus' birth challenges us to embrace humility. God's ways are not always our ways, and His definition of greatness often contrasts with the world's standards.

As we reflect on the humble arrival of our Savior, let us be reminded that true greatness is found in serving others, in humility, and in surrendering our plans to God. Jesus, born in a lowly stable, invites us to follow Him with a meek and humble heart, recognizing that it is in our surrender that God's grandest plans for our lives unfold. May this Christmas season be a reminder that God's greatest work often begins in the most unassuming places of our hearts.

Or you might just be thinking about Christmas with Charlie Brown and Snoopy because that is the other place my mind went while reading today’s scripture.


  1. What does Jesus being born in a manger instead of a palace mean to you?

  2. What does Jesus being born in a small town instead of a big city mean to you?

  3. How about God’s choice of earthly parents? Does this inspire you or discourage you?

Daily Prayer:

Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for ushering your son Jesus into our lives.  Thank you for your guidance in our lives. Let us continue to pray for the coming of your son Jesus.  Amen.

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