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December 6th: Small Changes

Happy 6th day of December. As we continue our Advent journey we have another devotional from Taryn Flake. Enjoy!

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:18-25

Small Changes

As I was driving down a country road recently, the road seemed very narrow for two cars to pass. I remember being told while learning to drive that small course corrections are better than large ones. A small change in the steering wheel’s movement will get the car off the road enough to allow two cars going opposite directions to pass each other. A large change in the steering wheel’s movement will send my car off the road and possibly into a crash.

While reading this passage of Scripture, I realized that Mary and Joseph have similar experiences. Mary and Joseph did not have to have their entire lives mapped out at that moment in time; they simply had to take one first step. Joseph had to take Mary as his wife. Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Mary didn’t even have to give birth to the Savior right away; she had a whole 9 months of pregnancy to prepare for that moment. Mary was not yet ready to experience her Son’s ministry, crucifixion or death. They only had to take one small change, one small step on their God-ordained journey.

Life can seem overwhelming to us at times. We can get so far off-track with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. However, 1 Corinthians 10:13b says, “And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” God does not give us more than we can handle. We just need to take that first step in faith. Maybe that first step today is doing this devotional - yay! You did it! Maybe that first step today is eating an apple as part of your breakfast. Maybe that first step today is speaking one kind phrase to yourself. Maybe that first step today is giving your loved ones a hug. During this Advent season, allow yourself to make one small change today towards being the person that God wants you to be.


  1. As you are looking for big changes can you be open to the fact that God is okay with daily small changes?

  2. What small step in faith can you take today?

Daily Prayer:

Dear Lord, allow us to make one small change today toward being the person that You want us to be. Please convict us if we are not able to identify what that small change might be, or to narrow down what one change would have the most impact of many we could make. We ask that You lead us through the times when life is difficult. We know that You are always with us, just as You were with Mary and Joseph. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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