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February 15: Repent and Believe the Gospel

Daily Scripture:Mark 1:14-34

It was in yesterday's reading that Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. If you missed it, I’m not surprised. Mark moves so quickly through these pivotal moments. I bring it up today because Jesus being tempted in the wilderness is where we get much of our tradition of fasting and growing in relationship with God during Lent.

We too take on a 40-day challenge that hopefully has positive ramifications throughout our life to come in right relationship with God. Mark doesn’t gloss over Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness because it isn’t important. Mark glosses over Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness because Jesus reaching out to people is so important.

Consider more of today’s reading. In Mark 1:14-34, the ministry of Jesus Christ begins. Jesus begins His public ministry, by proclaiming a profound message: "The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!" (Mark 1:15, NIV).

The proclamation of the kingdom of God holds significant implications for us today. It signifies a divine invitation—a call to embrace a new reality, to turn away from sin, and to enter into the transformative power of God's love and hope. Jesus's words echo through the ages, reminding us that the kingdom of God is not some distant future event but a present reality, accessible to all who repent and believe.

In the subsequent verses, Jesus demonstrates the authority of His message through His actions. He calls His first disciples, Simon and Andrew, James and John, inviting them to leave behind their livelihoods and follow Him. Their response exemplifies radical obedience—a willingness to forsake everything for the sake of the kingdom.

Jesus' authority is further revealed in His miraculous deeds. He heals the sick, casts out demons, and restores wholeness to those in need. Through Jesus, God's reign of love and restoration becomes tangible.

As followers of Christ, we are called to embody the message of the kingdom in our lives. We are invited to repent—to turn away from the ways of sin and self-centeredness—and to believe in the good news of God's grace and redemption. Like the early disciples, we are called to respond with wholehearted devotion, leaving behind our attachments to worldly pursuits and embracing the call to discipleship.

Today, let us heed the words of Jesus and embrace the reality of God's kingdom in our midst. Let us repent of our sins, believe in the good news of salvation, and follow Christ wholeheartedly. May we, like the early disciples, be transformed by His love and empowered to participate in the ongoing work of God's kingdom, bringing healing and hope to a world in need.


  1. Where has Jesus met you in your life?

  2. Where do you need to see Jesus in your life?

  3. What do you need to repent from?


Our heavenly Father, I am sorry. I repent for my sins and desire to grow in relationship with you. Let me hear you call me as your disciple. Heal me. Love me. Help me. Amen.

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