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February 16th: Meat

On our Lenten journey you get to hear from more voices than Pastor Curtis. Today's devotional is provided by Taryn Flake.

Scripture: - Mark 1:35-45


Today is the first Friday in Lent. Many of our Catholic brothers and sisters participate in a fast from meat. Our local fast food restaurants are now offering fish meals and Friday fish frys are common this time of year. This is a form of abstinence or penance to observe during the Lenten season. The significance of abstaining from meat reminds Catholics that Jesus sacrificed his flesh for us, and so to honor and remember that sacrifice, they should abstain from flesh meat, which is why fish is still allowable. says “Abstinence is a sober way to practice simplicity and austerity, to deny the cravings of our bodies to honor Jesus who practice the ultimate form of self-denial when he gave his body for us on his Cross.” says “Fasting adds a serious edge to your prayer life.” I’m not sure what you have decided to abstain from during this Lenten season, but I pray that it is something that enhances your spiritual life. Even if you give up with something as common as chocolate, every time you look in the pantry for something to eat, you can use the opportunity to whisper or think of a prayer to help you overcome the temptation to eat chocolate throughout these forty days.

In the passage from Mark, Jesus leaves Simon and Andrew’s house in order to find some solitude to pray before he continues on his healing journey throughout Galilee. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Even though Jesus is not fasting in this passage, prayer and fasting go hand in hand. The hunger pangs or craving for the abstained item can be a reminder to say a prayer. And giving up something of comfort, allows us to partake in a small sample of the sacrifice that Jesus gave for us.

I challenge you today, even if you haven’t abstained from anything during Lent, or even if you have failed already, to take a page from our Catholic friends and abstain from meat or some other item that you regularly crave on Fridays this Lenten season. Use the times where you are tempted or forget about your abstinence to be more prayerful in your daily life.


  1. What could you abstain from during Lent, even if it is only on Fridays?

  2. Have you ever given up meat on Fridays?

  3. How has fasting from food or something else driven you to pray more often?


Dear God, Please guide me as to what I should abstain from during Lent. I look to Jesus as my guide and example for prayer. Allow my small sacrifice to remind me of the huge sacrifice Christ gave when He gave up His life for us on the cross. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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