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March 20th: Love & Chaos

Garden of Gethsamne

Scripture: Mark 14:27-42

Love & Chaos

What do we do when it all begins to fall apart? What do we do when the strong person in our life becomes weak?  Even though today’s reading may show a frantic Jesus, I still believe He is in control. That being said, He gets thrown a curveball.  Jesus announces that all of His followers are going to fall away in the chaos that is about to come.  But after the dust settles and He has risen He will meet them in Galilee.  Peter is emphatic that this is not true.  But Jesus is worried.


Jesus was worried, as His own humanity was coming to the front, the weight of a gruesome death is a lot to deal with.  While we can read the words and hear that Jesus was losing a little bit of control, He begins to pray.  Daddy God is essentially how He addresses God, is there another way?  I suspect He is looking for another way because He is worried about those He loves.  Are my disciples ready?  They didn’t seem to understand what I had taught them.  They don’t seem to get the concept of death and resurrection.  There is still work to be done.  I wonder if it would have put His mind at ease a bit if the disciples were able to stay awake.


We go through these moments on both sides throughout our life.  The side of the leader and the side of the follower.  We worry about our kids.  Are they ready for their first day of school, first game, first day of their first job?  If only I could have gotten them to learn to tie their shoes, learn their ABC’s, thrown them a couple more balls at batting practices, taught them how to handle money before they moved into this time of life.  Our parents worried about us and now we worry about our kids or grandkids.  This moves into our adult lives as well.  As a pastor I get to be a part of these conversations as well when people prepare to die.  While they may be worried about themselves, they are far more worried about those whom they love.  Do they know I love them, are they going to be ok, will they know how to pay the bills? Most of the time they wish they could teach their children or grandchildren just one more thing.  This shows up in the fact that many pass away just as the family leaves the room, it dark in the room, or the last family member has made it to their bedside.


Jesus might have been worried about himself but given life situations I think he was worried about us. Do they get it? Can they be strong? Will they remember?  Do they know they are welcome back?  The good news is that Jesus was right he came back he was resurrected.  God was right and even though the disciples and us seem to bumble about our faith the Good News of Jesus Christ is still alive 2000 years later.  But are you ready? Can you stay awake?  When the dust settles will you remember that you are invited back to Jesus’ side.



  1. What conversations or teaching moments do you need to have with loved ones?  Have them now.

  2. What do you worry about? Who can you talk to, to help subside your worry? Have that conversation now.

  3. When chaos ensues and you stumble and bumble away from God do you know that you are welcome back?



Our Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus and being there for Jesus.  Thank you for taking a chance on us.  We are continually trying to remember to be ready.  Help us be ready, help us learn, and help us put into action the love and teaching of Christ Jesus. Amen.


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