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March 23rd: Jesus before Pilate

Today’s devotional is shared by Charlene Jett.  It is a tricky devotional to write and I appreciate how Charlene just shared the basics.  There become a lot of unknowns of why things happen but God is at work amongst the tragedy.  On the one hand we love Jesus.  We are troubled to think that Jesus is going to die, and that humanity is working to condemn him.  Yet on the other hand we understand that the heaviness of this week is Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  How it all plays out keeps us asking questions.  But the questions we must try to answer are how do we treat Jesus and his message of hope today?  And how do we live forever changed by such great love and sacrifice?


Scripture: Mark 15:1-15

Jesus before Pilate

    These verses identify Pilate as the Roman governor of Judea who lived in Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast.  When visiting Jerusalem, he lived in the palace built by Herod the Great.  In this palace, is where Jesus was tried before Pilate. The legal and religious authorities (church elders, teachers of law and chief priests), especially the Sanhedrin (legal and judicial assembly containing 71 leaders), decided before taking Jesus to Pilate, to accuse Jesus of treason, not just blasphemy.  This accusation stirred up and enraged the crowd, which was now very bloodthirsty.  


    Jesus fully admitted to being "King of the Jews" and offered no self-defense. This statement is what may have been believed.  But if we read it again didn’t Jesus just acknowledge Pilate’s statement?  The politics of the situation were moving made evident by the next interaction.


    As was the custom of releasing a prisoner at this Feast time of year, Pilate asked the crowd who they wanted released.  They yelled they wanted Barabbas (a convicted insurrectionist and murderer) released and Jesus crucified.  So Pilate, wanting to make the crowd happy, released Barabbas and had Jesus flogged and crucified.  Even though, Pilate himself, didn’t understand the crime that Jesus had committed.  This is made even more evident in other Gospels with Pilate washing his hands of the situation.


    There were many hate filled emotions running the crowd and authorities.  Jealousy, envy, and misunderstanding of Jesus by the chief priests was the primary emotions driving the crucifixion. They planted the seed of doubt in the crowd and it spread like wildfire.  The crowd became filled with hate for Jesus as he was being accused of treason and blasphemy. How often do we even hear today that the love or teachings of Jesus go against our political and cultural agendas? Yet we know of Jesus innocence.  His innocence paved his way into heaven.



1) How many times have you known justice to be unfairly administered, due to finances, politics, or plain bias?

2) The Easter story is a tragedy with a happy ending.  Where have you seen God turn tragedy into hope?

3) It is a question that will likely run through your head at some point about Easter story, where is the evil versus where is God’s plan?



    Dear Jesus, since you know all our emotions at all times, forgive us when we lash out against others.  Help us to pray, and live justly without envy and jealousy.  Please share your strength and save us.  Amen.


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