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March 25th: The Mocking of Jesus

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Scripture: Mark 15:16-20

The Mocking of Jesus

As we continue into the accounts of Jesus' crucifixion, it is easy to focus solely on the physical suffering He endured. It is gruesome and painful for us to just read the words.  We cannot even imagine what it would have been like to be there. Yet, the events leading up to His crucifixion are equally profound, revealing the depth of His love and the extent of His sacrifice.


As we reflect on Mark 15:16-20, we witness the mockery inflicted upon Jesus by the soldiers. They dressed Him in a purple robe, crowned Him with thorns, and hailed Him sarcastically as the King of the Jews. In their cruelty, they struck Him and spat on Him, treating the Son of God with contempt and ridicule.  Let us not forget that these soldiers were Roman.  They did not get it.  It reminds us of the times that we mock and assume things that we have know clue about.  Yet, this is gives even greater meaning as it was a soldier in verse 39 that realizes aloud that Jesus truly is the Son of God.


So, amidst this mockery, there's a profound truth to be grasped. In their twisted actions, the soldiers unwittingly affirmed Jesus' kingship even before verse 39. Though they intended to degrade Him, they unwittingly acknowledged His sovereignty. Jesus, the mocked King, didn't retaliate or condemn. Instead, He endured it all with divine patience and love.


In our own lives, we may encounter moments of ridicule, rejection, or mockery for our faith. It isn’t persecution on the scale that many face around the world.  But people may scoff at our beliefs, question our values, or even question our devotion to Christ. Yet, like Jesus, we are called to respond with humility and grace.  Not to mention the times that we  have inadvertently mocked or scoffed at others including Jesus.


Jesus' response to mockery challenges us to embrace humility and endure persecution with unwavering faith. He teaches us that true strength lies not in retaliation but in forgiveness. Just as Jesus forgave those who mocked Him, we are called to extend forgiveness to those who mistreat us.  Forgiveness is harder than retaliation but it is what we are called to do.


Moreover, Jesus' response demonstrates the depth of His love for us. Despite the humiliation and pain, He willingly endured it all for the sake of our redemption. His sacrificial love knows no bounds, offering hope and salvation to all who believe.  Including those who may have once been mockers.



1. How does Jesus' response to mockery challenge your own reactions to criticism or ridicule in your life?

2. Reflect on a time when you felt mocked or ridiculed for your faith. How did you respond, and what can you learn from Jesus' example in Mark 15:16-20?

3. In what ways can you extend forgiveness and grace to those who may mock or mistreat you because of your beliefs?


Our Heavenly Father, we are blown away by your love for us.  As we read the days leading up to the cross it is hard to get through the pain, mockery, and other greater emotions of the story.  But in these difficult accounts your unfailing love for us exists.  Thank you for Jesus and help us be better.


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25 de mar.

Demonstrating love in the face of mistreatment, regardless of reason, is a supreme gift....and I have found it requires practice and patience.

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