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March 29th: Speaking Up

Scripture: Mark 15: 42-47


Speaking Up

On Sunday, in church, I said it is our job to speak up.  This is a hard passage to read after Palm Sunday.  On Palm Sunday the people are excited that Jesus is in town.  He is the Messiah and they are shouting Hosanna (save us) on the streets.  The people who are presumably quiet are those who are scared of Jesus’ ministry.  Yet, in the backgrounds they are starting to spread their propaganda against Jesus.  It takes over to the point that those against Jesus are not those that are quiet.  The quiet ones are those that love Jesus.  The disciples are scattered, Jesus is arrested, being beaten, mocked, and hung on a cross to die.  We need to speak up.


Off along the margins though, the faithful remnant of Jesus’ people are there.  Mark notates the women who have been with Jesus are there for the crucifixion.  Now this man Joseph is there as well.  Joseph would have also been there when Jesus was being found guilty.  He didn’t speak up then.  But he is there now.  There is something about these verses after the Roman Centurion realizes that Jesus is God’s Son that seem more caring.  We learn that Jesus did have friends in the crowd.  We learn that Jesus was able to die more quickly than those in power thought He would.  We learn that they will allow burial accommodations to be given.  Jesus won’t be placed in a common grave.  He will be laid to rest with some amount of respect and care.


We often don’t speak up because of fear.  I can’t imagine the risk that Joseph went through to speak up for Jesus.  Yes, it is true that he didn’t speak up during the trial, but he did speak up.  The risk of speaking up for someone crucified for blasphemy and treason had to raise some suspicion.  Joseph was also under a time crunch.  He had to get supplies and move Jesus between 3 o’clock and sundown, when Sabbath begins.  Joseph was also giving up some of his own Sabbath customs because he would have been considered unclean after touching a dead body.  Joseph spoke up and treated Jesus like family.


We know we need to speak out and speak up.  We do know it.  But fear often wins.  We know that we need to speak up for friends, family, injustice, for those having a hard time, and at times for ourselves.  We know that we need to speak up for Jesus and what is right.  Even if we don’t speak out the first time, we still need time to speak up.




  1. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Joseph’s sacrifice was smaller, but it could have cost him a great deal whether it was job, family, or social status.  Part of Lent is sacrifice.  Whether or not you gave something up for Lent, is there something you can sacrifice to help care for and respect the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

  2. Speaking up isn’t always about words.  The women were there in seemingly silent solidarity for Jesus.  How can we speak up with our presence for Jesus?

  3. Sometimes speaking up requires speech like Joseph.  Where do we need words to speak up for Jesus in our own lives?



Dear God, Thank You for Your patience with us.  We are called to speak up.  Jesus taught us to speak up for others and to share what God’s vision was for the world.  Let us speak up with our words like Joseph, even when we are slow to speak.  Let us speak up with our presence like the women at the cross.  Let us speak up for You.  In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


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