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September 11, 2023:"God's Deliverance and Divine Commission"

"God's Deliverance and Divine Commission"

Main Passage - Acts 12:1-25: Peter's Imprisonment and Escape

In times of persecution, the church faced adversity, just as Peter did when he was imprisoned by King Herod. The church responded with fervent prayer, and God responded with miraculous deliverance. Chains couldn't hold Peter, and the gates of the prison couldn't contain him because the power of prayer opened the way for God's intervention.

Acts 13:1-12: Beginning of Paul's First Missionary Journey

In the midst of obedience and seeking God's will through prayer, Barnabas and Saul received their divine commission. The Holy Spirit set them apart for a specific mission—to spread the Gospel to the Gentiles. It marked the beginning of Paul's remarkable missionary journeys.


Sometimes, life may feel like a prison, with circumstances and challenges that bind us. But remember, God's power exceeds our limitations. Just as Peter's chains were broken, God can break the chains that bind us—whether they are fear, doubt, or adversity.

God not only delivers but also commissions. God has a specific purpose for each of us. As we seek through prayer and fasting, God can reveal the divine commission for our lives. Like Barnabas and Saul, God may call us to unexpected journeys and new beginnings.


Lord, we thank you for the powerful reminder of Your deliverance and divine commission. Help us to remember that You break every chain that binds us, and You have a purpose for our lives. Open our hearts and ears to hear Your calling and grant us the courage to follow you. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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