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September 16, 2023: God-incidence

Daily Scripture Reading: Acts 16:1-40


If we are reading a story, even if we don’t like the outcome in the moment, we usually keep going. Why? Well, there are more words on the page. There are more pages in the book. We hope that the situation will change. How about in our own life? You wake up late. Pour a bowl of cereal to only learn you are out of milk. Leave your phone at home. Sometimes these things leave us so flustered we feel like we would be better off just going back to bed.

While I am not brave enough to say that any of the before-mentioned things was God trying to steer you a different direction, our passage today reminds us of the steering hand of the Holy Spirit. Paul and Silas had hopes of where they were going to minister. God had other plans. And even though there was bound to be some frustration on Paul and Silas’ parts, they kept moving.

It is through doing the work of God where you are that God is the most at work in our lives. We can plan to be a missionary on a tropical beach somewhere but it distracts us from being a missionary where we are at the moment. God is at work in your life; in your home, at your job, where you play, and even when you found one of life’s detours.

I am reminded of a snippet of a sermon I heard once. Coincidence shouldn’t be in a Christians vocabulary. It should be changed to God-incidence.


  1. Where is God at work in your life?

  2. Have you felt God pulling you in a different direction but you kept running the other way?

  3. Can you think of a God-incidence (coincidence of God) in your life?

Daily Prayer:

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for your guidance in our lives. Teach us to be more perceptive to your callings. Let us share the hope of Jesus Christ where we are instead of procrastinating for the “perfect” time. Let us grow in relationship with you and share that relationship with others. In the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

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