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September 2, 2023: Struggles


We can’t do it all. There I said it. We can’t do it all. When we think that we can do it all, we definitely will run into struggles. But that isn’t the only time we might run into struggles or opposition. Struggles and opposition seem to find us. Jesus didn’t mince words about it. Jesus knew that following him would instill a healthy share of struggle. God himself shared that after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden we would also run into struggle.

In our reading today we have two of probably many solutions that show up in the midst of our struggles.

Sometimes we struggle because it is time to pray and delegate. The believers of Jesus were growing rapidly. So much so, that it was becoming hard to feed everyone and teach the word of God. Within the crowd of believers, discontent was beginning to show its ugly head. So the twelve chose to delegate. They found more leaders that could happily take on the task of keeping everyone in there midst fed. After finding the new leaders, they prayed for them and sent them off on their new task of feeding the multitudes.

Other times we struggle because people get jealous. Stephen was singled out. Even though Stephen finds a way through his struggle, we will also see it isn’t the end that we would pick for ourselves but Stephen is at peace.

Aglow with the Holy Spirit, Stephen remembers the Scriptures. In fact, Stephen shares these Scriptures at length with us. There is comfort to be found in the stories of the Holy Scripture. We learn from it, read it, make it a part of us and are comforted by them.

I am often at a loss for words when it comes time for a funeral. If it wasn’t for the words handed down from generation to generation found in the Scriptures, my funeral service would be a lot shorter. But would it be from God, would it be authentic, would it be what the family and I needed in this time of loss? Probably not.


1. How do you make it through struggles?

a. Are there family and friends and a God to help you carry the burden?

2. What Biblical stories help you through difficult times?

Daily Prayer:

“Lord, when struggles arise, help us. Give us the wisdom and strength to ask for help. Send us back to your Word to find comfort. Allow us to feel your presence especially when we struggle. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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