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September 27, 2023: Patience

Daily Scripture Reading: Acts 25:1-22


Paul appears before Festus the new governor. Just to note Paul had been in this prison for 2 years at this point. And according to 24:23 he had some extra freedom in prison but he had still been there for a while.

Festus was new and quickly was told about Paul. In a new leadership position, it doesn’t take long to hear about the problems. But Festus wanted to please those with power in his new territory. In trying to fulfill a favor to the leading priests, Festus questions Paul.

Paul denies all charges knowing that he didn’t break any Jewish laws, temple laws, or Roman laws. Festus asks if he will face trial in Jerusalem. Then Paul plays the Roman card. I am Roman and this is a Roman court if I can’t face trial here so I appeal to Caesar.

This is where I would love to give you a devotional about sometimes you just have to play the legal game. That is what Paul does here. After all, it is part of God’s plan. But the only thing I can think of is simply that things take time and things often work out. But I think this is also a good reminder of prayer. We should all have a prayer life. Do prayers get answered as fast as we want them, exactly the way we want, every time we pray them? It doesn’t seem to work that way. But should we pray? Yes. And should we trust God? Yes. And should we be involved in a Christian community that is also praying for us and looking out for us? Yes.


  1. When have you felt stuck, legal or otherwise and had to wait? What happened?

  2. When have you had to appeal and try again? What happened?

  3. How has God provided for you in your time of need when you were pretty sure you were stuck or lost?

Daily Prayer:

Sovereign God, thank you for taking care of us in the midst of the chaos. Take away our anxiety and fear. Lead us in honoring you. Grant us patience in the process of life. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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